The world of Ansalon is fantastical place and home to many strange creatures who harmoniously coexisted, lived in solitude or waged wars for generations. It has seen the rise and fall of powerful, decadent and malevolent empires, betrayal, mighty wizards, brave heroes and bitter infighting. All of that changed however during a destructive ice age when three quarters of the known world from was covered in thick ice for more than a thousand years. The loss of life was massive, but with the ice steadily receding a new age has ushered in. A time where the ragged bands of Elves, Humans, Orcs, Goblins, Tieflings, Dragonborn and many more once more seek to relive the glory time of their distant ancestors.

Now, in the 2nd age since "The White Destruction", at the year 1,421, the civilizations are trying to consolidate their fleeting grasp on the world and are wearily eyeing their contested borders. The claims are all but stable and threats may not only be found outside ones territory. The races have awakened wearily from their isolation and ancient feuds and hostilities are quick to reignite. Let alone what might be found in the dark places which were sealed off by the ice and the sun has just begun to uncover..